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Welcome to
Aruba's first original web site! Since October 1995! is a multilingual site, focusing on sustainable development, nature conservation, ecology, cultural and historical heritage, social issues and natural health and medicine in Aruba, and is based on the principles of sustainable development as defined by the United Nations and its constituent bodies. serves as the online clearinghouse of information, community awareness and community education programs of Rainbow Warriors International for Aruba.

HOW TO USE THIS SITE is the companion web site of Eco Aruba™ Magazine, a not-for-profit magazine published by Rainbow Warriors International in English and Papiamento.

The top horizontal menu bar refers to features, sections and columns found in Eco Aruba Magazine.

The bottom horizontal bar refers to the technical parts and operations of the publisher of Eco Aruba Magazine and

The left vertical menu bar deals with all general information, community awareness and community education programs, projects and campaigns of Rainbow Warriors International related to Aruba.

There are three special Sustainable Development Partnership features, which are an integral part of the concept of
  • Eco Aruba Kids
    The Eco Aruba Kids Section is dedicated to children and youth, ages 7-16, and is designed to provide informational materials on nature conservation, ecology and environmental subjects.
    There is a particular focus on coastal and marine conservation, dolphins and whales, teaching the 4R's of waste management, i.e. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, land conservation, ecosystems, habitats, flora and fauna, and global climate, atmosphere, space and renewable energy technologies.
    This section has its own Yahoo Group, found at EcoArubaKids.
  • Travel Guide
    This is a travel guide and directory of environmentally certified resorts and other companies in Aruba, and is intended to highlight corporate environmental stewardship in Aruba
  • Get Involved
    In this section we deal with engaging the public in order to get them involved either by making a donation, telling how become a cyberactivist, make life a little greener or become a volunteer in Aruba.

The Use of this Site is governed by the Terms of Use.

The contents of the site are subject to intellectual property protection as indicated in our Copyright Notice.

The privacy policy in force for the users of the site is found in Privacy Policy.
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